CEO鈥檚 Guide to Compensation Best Practices: 2019 Edition


CEO鈥檚 Guide to Compensation Best Practices: 2019 Edition

People-related challenges are keeping many CEOs up at night. In PayScale鈥檚 2019 Compensation Best Practices Report, we learned that sixty-six percent of surveyed organizations agree or strongly agree that keeping their best and brightest employees is a concern for them. Additionally, 46-percent of surveyed organizations feel that the strong job market has increased their turnover rates.

We鈥檝e created this guide to help CEOs get a handle on their biggest people challenges and their number one expense—compensation. Download this guide to understand how to use compensation as a strategic lever to retain, motivate and attract the employees that are crucial to your business. Read on to discover:

  • Compensation trends in 2019
  • Retention strategies and tactics deployed by organizations in 2019
  • The compensation practices of top-performing organizations
  • How to align your pay practices to your company values