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College Rankings

For prospective college students and their parents who want a better understanding of potential earnings post-graduation, these reports provide valuable insight when considering how to fund higher education.

College ROI Report

PayScale's annual College ROI report is a research tool used to determine the return on college tuition investment. Our methodology calculates the 20-year net ROI for both two-year and four-year colleges across the US factoring in potential salaries and school cost.
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College Salary Report

PayScale's annual College Salary report reveals the colleges with the best alumni salary potential. See which colleges and degrees produce alumni who earn the highest salaries by the time they reach mid-career.
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Jackson Gruver

Jackson Gruver

Data Analyst
Caitlin Kearney

Caitlin Kearney

Data Visualization Specialist
Conrado Tapado

Conrado Tapado


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